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Warehousing facility


Jp express was established in 2016 as an international freight forwarding enterprise based mainly in Dhaka, Bangladesh with several friends in foreign locations providing insurance to almost everywhere in the world. Jp Specific is offering various types of freight forwarding to/from Bangladesh to Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and other countries around the world.JP Helps streamline your warehouse management. We recognize that your commercial enterprise has its own specific supply chain needs and challenges. That’s why we paintings with you to figure out how to first-class layout and re-engineer your supply chain so you can get the most out of it.
We will design your facility, manage your distribution and manipulate your warehouse logistics, all with the goal of streamlining your delivery chain.

Warehousing facility
Our Warehousing Answers/ Excellent Management Inspection Center is designed to support our customers’ growing desire and awareness of the center’s expertise
Jp pecific is the organization of choice for corporations expanding within an existing market or entering a new market due to the fact that we offer:
Operation of dedicated warehouse/satisfaction inspection centre
Multi-Customer Warehousing / Excellent Control Inspection Center
Multi-Temp Warehousing / Satisfactory Control Inspection Centre
Providing these options gives our customers scalability, flexibility in working and resource requirements and options around. Agencies can optimize carrier performance, fee financial savings, lower liabilities and speed to market by using our bendy warehousing.
Composed of cargo warehousing offers
Adequate well insured private warehousing area.
Secure garage of goods.
Conduct tests on entry and exit products.


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